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Back in 2011, Knottery founder Jay Arem found himself in a predicament that many young men had found themselves in before: the things he wanted were not the things he could afford. After countless fruitless searches (read: searching while not eating fruit) for tasteful men’s accessories that fit both his aesthetic and budget, Jay decided to take matters into his own hands. Armed with dogged persistence, $500, and a lethal caffeine addiction, he set out to create a brand that would bring style and value together. And with that, Knottery New York was born. 

While initially an inexpensive homage to the labels that were out of his financial reach, Knottery New York soon evolved into a viable alternative. As Jay learned more about sourcing and production, he realized that by sidestepping traditional wholesale / retail channels and selling directly to consumers, he could produce goods that were on par in both design and fabrication, and sell them without the exorbitant mark-ups.

Fast forward to today, and Knottery has become a go-to destination for men who want well-made accessories that look good, but won’t break the bank. The company works with some of the finest factories in North America, Europe and Asia to produce luxury-quality pieces, and then sells them exclusively via this very website, without the luxury price-tag. 

Welcome to Knottery New York. Welcome to attainable luxury.