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Back in the dark ages when the luxury brands roamed the wild people were well dressed but penniless and starving. They understood the odds. Eat or dress. That was the fact of life; for better or worse.

2011: Millions of years later we found ourselves still looking to solve this problem. Unable to find what we were looking for, we decided to fix it ourselves. Armed with a lethal caffeine addiction and $500 we embarked on a journey that would later become Knottery New York. We (first got a coffee and then) set out to bring style and value together as an attainable reality. We search daily for new designs and ideas to create a destination for quality goods. The customer is always right-handed is our motto.

2014: We begin to evolve, upgrade all elements of the brand while staying true to ourroots. We started focusing on the makers of our products; crafting beautiful goods infactories and workshops that we believe in and trust.

Welcome to attainable luxury.